How can diet affect our eyes?

A person’s general health can have quite a say in the long term health of the eyeball itself. It is well known that certain systemic diseases, including diabetes, can have dramatic effects on the eye and vision. More recently, a lot of research is beginning to show that a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the retina.

Possibly the most delicate of the ocular structures is the retina and the supplying of nutrients to it comes via a network of micro vasculature. As well as this network there is also the need for metabolic waste products to be removed from the retina to avoid toxic damage. It has been shown that certain foods, particularly foods high in anti-oxidants, can assist in maintaining the health of these microscopic networks.

Which foods can assist with eye health?

Generally a diet high in green, leafy vegetables, as well as other vegetables and nuts is important not only to the body as a whole, but particularly in warding off certain eye diseases.

Put simply, a well balanced diet should improve your general health which in turn should assist in maintaining good eye-health.

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