Young children and screen usage

Below is a summary of a recent lecture delivered at the Australian Vision Conference 2020.

There is actually very little research on the impact of screen time on kids’ vision. There are studies that look at symptoms but not the impact on visual function. More work needs to be done.

Lap-tops when used by children promote poor posture and phones are ALWAYS held too close.

There are links however between increased scree-time and childhood obesity, as well as disruption to sleep patterns.

In 2-year-olds – All screen time is to be discouraged, except for face-time and chats that encourage social interaction. This should always be done under parent guidance.

In 2-5 -year-olds – Only 1 hour a day of screen time and only involving high quality programming or educational apps.

Overall guide should include the following:

  • 1 hour/day physical activity
  • 8-12 hours’ sleep
  • NO screen time 1 hour before going to bed.