COVID-19 Statement

Here at the Practice, my staff and I have had numerous discussions about how we are going to navigate these uncertain times. Please be aware that our FIRST priority is the well-being of all our patients, and to ensure this we have implemented the new cleaning and hygiene procedures required. These procedures are set out by relevant authorities, namely our governing bodies of Optometry Australia and The Optometry Board of Australia. On top of this I am constantly being updated by Queensland Government health directives as they apply to the practice of optometry.

Rest assured that my staff will not be attending work if showing any signs of illness, including myself. Thankfully at the moment we are all fully fit and it is definitely business as usual. The last thing we need is for our hard work to be undone by someone that is unwell coming into the practice. I already thank those of you that have postponed appointments in light of this.

As far as providing glasses and contact lenses goes, all of my suppliers at present are unaffected, and I am happy to note that our orders are arriving on time, which is fantastic. As far as providing eye examinations go, while I am well and on deck, all will function as normal, with waiting times for appointments likely to be reduced in the short term.

Please take care of yourselves and I look forward to seeing you in the practice in the near future.