The role of OCT in your next eye exam

Now that I have an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) machine in the practice, it is important to remind my patients who would benefit from having the scans done and why. In an ideal world, it would be great to do this on all my patients. As is the case in modern healthcare however, advanced equipment is not cheap, and there are generally out of pocket expenses when undertaking such tests.

There are categories of patients that I will definitely want to perform OCT on, in particular those at higher risk of eye disease. These include all diabetics, patients with family history of either glaucoma or macula degeneration, and patients 50 years and older. The amount of information gained by having the scans done enables me to avoid unnecessary referrals to specialists/hospital, or even more critically, is efficient triaging of patients into specialist care as the scans have already been performed.

Please read the section on our practice billing schedule which has recently been updated. The cost of having the scans performed here have been kept below what the Optometry Australia guidelines recommend.