It’s back – Eye Test and Dinner Deal

Here at Stones Corner Eyewear, to the best of our knowledge, we offer the only “Eye Test and Dinner Deal” in the country, possibly the world. Simon is again happy to put this promotion together for 2018 and this year with a slight twist. This year’s offer applies to people that travel a decent distance to see Simon.

If you live further that 20km from the practice (as measured by Google Maps….) and plan to visit for an eye test before the end of November, please enter the competition as you will also receive a dinner at The Bent Elbow in Stones Corner, straight after your eye test.

The first 5 people that express interest and are eligible will go into the draw for the “ETADD”. The fine print is that Simon will be joining you for dinner, so if you are thinking his company may not be your cup of tea, then maybe don’t enter. Past winners are still attending the practice so it is obviously not too daunting a proposal.

You can please respond via email or phone 33970000 or sms to 0434352294. Winner will be notified as soon as the draw takes place, ideally within 1-2 weeks