15 Year later……..

Can you remember what you were doing when the Twin Towers were attacked?? As a young optometrist with a steely resolve to open my practice in Stones Corner, I recall exactly where I was. After being up most of the night, glued to the television, I remember buying a newspaper across the road and thinking the world was about to descend into absolute chaos.

All this and facing up to my 5th day after opening the doors to Simon Clark Optometrist, with the appointment book telling me I had 2 patients booked in to see me…..

15 years later and I still love walking through the same door and thankfully more than 2 people tend to follow me in on any given day. The cranes in Stones Corner point to a more optimistic outlook than ever before, and the variety of people that I have the pleasure to look after each day, make me more comfortable than ever with where the practice is heading.

With the adventure of future study around the corner, I am excited about my career in optometry as much as I ever have been, despite the challenges that will always be there.

I want to thank all of you for your loyal support over the past 15 years and I genuinely appreciate the encouragement that I receive from you on a daily basis.